d e g r e e

THINGS AROUND ME by Kristin Hensel
University of Art & Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle/Saale



The greek denotation hyle is translated as the word for wood and second as a word for matter. Matter is what things are made off.


We are surrounded by some kind of raw matter, whose quintessence has to be explored. In the beginning things can be vaguely. They start growing and the end is about to sense, but not to forsee.


The Collection THINGS AROUND ME describes situations and things surrounding us. The designer’s intention to create shapes and forms is characterized by the picture of raw matter that is sculpted like stone to the nucleus.
„Die Dinge um mich bilden ein Muster,
das mich unbeweglich umgibt.“
Dirk von Lowtzow

The Collection THINGS AROUND ME is based on the contrast of black and white, wood structures and intense green. Classic shapes of masculine strength like smoking, smoking shirt, blazer, blouson, tank top and trousers focus on the essential. The deep contention between shape and function is more important for the label than sex and seduction.

By using a digital – textile – printer, self-created patterns of wood surfaces as well as abstracted black and white themes are generated. Moire tissue similar to woodveins intense the variety of impression.


Moreover, form and content of the collection refers to these horizontal and vertical veins of wood as visualised in the circular prints, proportional scrolled neck lines, revers and pockets as well as on smoking shirts and tank tops reduced to stripes. Details underline form and content without becoming decoration. The choker as a shape element is defining for the collection.


„In den Adern des Holzes seh ich Gesichter.“
Dirk von Lowtzow

Wood is the material, a natural and neutral surface. The intention of the designer is a direct and objective dispute among things. It is no pleasing collection. This collection is about style und consequence, about objectification and degree of distance. Not agitation, but statement. [2004]