f a s h i o n

A square is an element with rough edges but even the most symmetric one of geometry.

A square respectively a cube means neither beginning nor end but it is even a symbol for peace and quiet.

Geometrical forms according to the Bauhaus teaching are characteristic for the design of Kristin Hensel. The fashion were inspired by the circle which is linked to the square. The designer’s intention to create shapes and forms is characterized by the metaphor for raw matter that is sculpted like stone to the nucleus. Squares or cubes are no natural phenomenons but even basic elements of design. These are artificial things which define our whole life.

The Bauhaus teaching is well known as a dictatorship of the square for example. With the „black square“ Kasimir Malewitsch created an icon of abstraction which was incomparable revolutionary.

This collection is about the square respectively the cube as a second basic form. [2009]